Friday, May 4, 2012

LOST: Female in Ontario Canada

French Bulldog Blue Fawn female STOLEN on 29 of April from Farm house in Bolton (Caledon) at 4 p.m. EVERYBODY WHO SEE THIS DOG in a City or around- PLEASE CALL TO OWNER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE OR TO BOLTON ONTARIO POLICE. PLEASE!!!!! Better apply to owner when you see this dog as we will contact directly to Officer who is leading this case. French Bulldog Blue Fawn colour, female, name Ella... She is sweetest dog with huge ears and sad eyes. NEEDS MEDICATION TO SURVIVE. She was recently diagnosed with internal genetical problem and suppouse to get her medication every day. She is 22 lbs at time of theft She was stolen from our fenced yard with double gates. She was enjoying shiny weather today with our another dog. She is soul of our house.... PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! dear people HELP to find our Ella!!!!! (905)857 3632 Alex

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