Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lost: Male in CT

My daughter was at work when a friend went into her apt and left the door cracked......just enough for Louie to get out. When she came home from work she called for him but he never came. After searching her apt and then frantically looking outside for hours, her friend confessed that he 'may' have gotten out when he was in the apt. Its a sad story to say the least. And, we're all hurting over this accident. He was lost on 12/08. My daughter works for the VCA vet clinic in Brookline so we were able to send flyers to all of the area vet offices. I flew up to Boston to help her look for him since he knows me very well. During the 5 days I was there we were able to hang over 200 flyers, meet with the animal control officers and go door-to-door to every neighbor. Nearly all of the people we spoke to were familiar with Louie as my daughter took him on many walks in the neighborhood. They were very sympathetic and told us they would look out for him.

I think I emailed you his description, however, in case not.....he's a neutered male, about 22 pounds, black with a small brindle patch on his hip, and white on his chest. His hip becomes dislocated easily and was scheduled to have surgery in the spring. He is extremely sensitive to most dog foods and will develop spots all over his body if he eats the wrong thing. He also will develop a rash.

I've attached a few pictures I have and I'll try to get my daughter to send some to you as well. I appreciate any feedback! Thank you so much!



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