Friday, February 27, 2009

LOST: Male in San Antonio, TX

Please help! Our home was broken into and all that is missing is my dog and a tv. ALL I WANT IS MY DOG BACK!!!!! His name is Beefcake, about 30 lbs, black and white, and very friendly please if anyone sees/finds him please contact me. He means the world to me.

Southside of San Antonio (Tx)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Found: Female French Bulldog in Raleigh, NC

2/10/09 update: This dog has been reunited with the family.

2/9/2009: At approximately 3:45 pm, near Sunset Forest Circle in the Sunset/Devil's Ridge development in Holly Springs, I noticed two small dogs wandering the street. The female ran right up to us and was very affectionate, black/brindle coloring. Could not tell if the other was a male or female as he/she would not come close and immediately ran off. The houses are backed up to the golf course on that side of the street so the other dog likely ran back to the course and could have taken off in various directions. We drove the neighborhood and tried to find him or her to no success. The sweet little female is home with us (see pictures) and will be well cared for until the owner hopefully sees this ad. If anyone in the area has found the other dog that ran off, please contact me and we will take him or her in as well to keep them together until the owners are located. Thank you.