Tuesday, September 21, 2010


FBRN graduate Tex Ritter is missing in Auburndale FL. He is not wearing tags. He was last seen Monday night when his family put him out into their unfenced yard at approximately 9.30 pm. The home is less than 1000 feet from the intersection of Old Lake Alfred Road and Stadium Rd.
If you have friends in the Auburndale area, please ask them to watch for Tex, who is a puppy mill survivor, and not accustomed to life outside the mill or a home setting. He may be hiding under shrubs or near building foundations.
Please spare a good thought for Tex Ritter, and if you can help, please do!
phone: 863-224-5443

STOLEN: Male puppy in So California

Please Help!!!!!!

We recently had a litter of beautiful Frenchies. Last Thursday, September 16th, we were showing the puppies to a perspective buyer. We had four people in the room; however after about 30 minutes with the man… He assaulted my wife by pushing her to the floor and grabbed one of our male fawn puppies and took off. He ran down the street with my son in pursuit, but he had an companion waiting in a car and they both drove off quickly. The puppy, which we called “Pudge” is only six weeks old and needs it’s shots, as well was not completely weaned off his mother. The police have great leads, and say they have a great chance in catching this creep, so we are trying to get the word out to as many people as possible to help find him ASAP.

Thank you, and any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Michael Schoeman

909 342-2648 Cell