Tuesday, September 22, 2009

LOST: Male in Corpus Christi, Texas

To whom it may concern;

My French Bulldog "Low Low Jones" disappeared from my property located 55 miles north of Corpus Christi, Texas. My first instinct was that he may have been stolen, I contacted the Live Oak Co. Sheriff and the deputy that was dispatched to my house said it was impossible due to the fact that I have other big dogs on the property and he suspected a mountain lion. I contacted several neighbors and we searched that evening until 2 in the morning then resumed search at 6:30am. Based on the sheriffs assumption, I contacted the game warden, he inspected the area and based on his knowledge felt that it may have been a coyote or he wandered away. They both agreed that I would smell his carcass within a few days, eight days later and endless searching over several miles resulted in no clues, not even hovering vultures. I contacted the closest police station (Mathis, Texas) and spoke with Office Pelmetin and reiterated the incident. He strongly beleives my dog was stolen. Low Low has a microchip but not a collar. He is a fawn pied about 12 inches tall and weighs 20 pounds. I have submitted fliers to many veterinarian in the greater surrounding area, including San Antonio.

I beleive this, Low will need vet care for sensitive skin issues and if left ignored may manifest into eye and nose infections. Also, in the event he was stolen to breed, they may be searching for a female French Bulldog or sell his semen. If the intent is to breed him, he will need a veterinarian for AI and at some point he will need veterinary care.

My mother and I are offering a $1000.00 reward for his return, although the monetary reward is not listed on the flier. I am asking for help in his search, he is a very rare looking Frenchie and could be very easily identified. He is microchipped with Petracks ResQ.

Please help us find our dog by submitting this e mail with his flier to other French Bulldog breeders, friends or anyone else whom you feel may help.

If you have suggestions that may help in his search, please share your information with me. I have considered hiring a private investigator, if you know of someone please forward this email to them.

God Bless you for your time in reading our story, we love our little dog very much and are desperate for his return. In my heart, I beleive he is out there, and that he was stolen. In the 5 years that I have lived in this area, I haven't had any problems with coyotes or Mt. lions, and if that were the case I would have lost other small dogs or cats.


Last seen on property 2 miles south of KOA on September 12, 2009 at 7:30 pm, Mathis, TX.

No collar. May have been taken by a mountain lion, coyote or ???.

A substantial reward for any information leading to his recovery or his remains.

Description at time of disappearance: French Bulldog 12-14 inches tall, weight: 20 pounds. Very large and round skull. Thick skeletal structure. Hefty little dog for his size. Male. Name: Low Low Jones

Veterinary clinics: He is micro-chipped with Petlink Res Q

ID# 981020001563133, if he is brought alive to your facility contact Live Oak Co. Deputy Ken Baker at 361-449-2271 or your local police dept. immediately. Do not post this section for public view.

Last seen on my patio.

Please call: 361-249-0588 or e-mail run4deuce@yahoo.com