Monday, May 10, 2010

LOST: Female in NY


I lost my french bulldog, Lola, on friday, May, 7th. She found a way out of my house. Ive searched everywhere, put flyers up, called shelters, vets, etc. Im devastated!

Shes 5 and a half months old. White body, black around the eyes. Erected ears with black spots on them. She has a hair growth in her right eye and is in need of a $2,000 surgery.

She was not wearing a collar but she is microchiped and registerd under me.

Thank you,
Liliana Intrabartolo
78-51 74th street
Glendale, NY 11385

Sunday, May 9, 2010

LOST/STOLEN: Male in Nevada

Someone stole my Frenchie Monique from my back yard and my sons black pug was so scared she ran from them.
My Brindle & White very distinct frenchie Monique was just shy of her 1st year birthday on May13.
Farrah or Puggis my 3 year old son's black pug with a white spot on her chest was just short of her 1st year birthday also on May19th.
This happened up past the Fire station in Fish springs in Gardnerville, Nevada.
We have been looking everywhere.
Please if you notice someone with a new Frenchie that is Brindle & White with a broken lightening (white) stripe down her back and she shakes either paw, speaks, and will circus and spin for treats/food.
Also, she was raised as a therapy dog and is a all around lovable dog and was the companion and family member to a dissabled 3 time Marine Corps War vet(me) and a 2 & 3 year old that want her back as well as my 3 year old Max wants his Black pug Farrah back.
She has been the only mental therapy for him after the accident and the loss of 6 pets and almost losing his own life as well as his own mommies.
He still has nightmares after a year, but drastically less with his Puggis.
Now he's devistated.
Sgt. Bruns USMC